Bringing Beach Life to Urban Living

I remember growing up and always wanting to take a trip to the beach. There was something fascinating about watching the waves crash on the shore, playing in the sand and body surfing the waves. Walking the shore line picking up shells and looking for that illustrious shark tooth hidden in the sand. Family time eating key lime pie and card games in the evening. Waking up early for coffee on the balcony listening to the tide roll in. ┬áIt was the smell in the air and tunes playing on the radio. The beach became a place you could hide from it all for a while, put the phones away and just… live in the moments. Things moved slower, board shorts and tee shirts was the dress code, and a no worries attitude took over. But why does the Beach way have to be a place and not a life style?


I think we all need a little beach life in us. Sometimes we need to roll around in our board shorts and Tee’s shirts. Put our phones down and stop wishing time away and live the moments. Decide on what’s your beach and live it; enjoy a slice of that key lime pie! My beach may look different then yours, my beach may be on the lake wakeboarding or playing volleyball at the sand courts down from the house. But trust me time becomes less important, board shorts become a priority and the moments… aren’t missed they’re savored! Soda City is where my beach waves roll… #itsmybeach… whats yours?


Live the moment